5 Reasons Why Hobbies Are Good For Mental Health

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5 Reasons Why Hobbies Are Good For Mental Health

Numerous factors, ranging from routine jobs to life-altering experiences, might have an effect on mental health. And while there are a lot of proactive ways we can take to better our mental health, one that is sometimes disregarded is making time for a hobby or other enjoyable activity.

What qualifies as a Hobby?

Any regular, enjoyable activity done in spare time or at leisure might be considered a hobby. What counts most is that you find significance and enjoyment in everything you do, be it intellectual, athletic, creative, or more individualized. Hobbies can include being by yourself in calm, interacting with others through food or conversation, engaging in sports, going on vacation, or simply spending time in nature. When we set aside time to freely partake in enjoyable activities, studies


5 Reasons Why Hobbies Are Good For Mental Health

Decreased stress: Research has indicated that engaging in leisure or free time activities might lower stress levels. For example, a study found that after creating art, 75% of participants had reduced cortisol levels, one of the most well researched physiological markers of stress. You don’t think of yourself as artistic? You’re okay! This study also shown that stress reduction might be achieved without prior expertise.
Enhanced well-being: A New Zealand study discovered that being creative can result in an enhanced sense of wellbeing that might have long-term implications. After participating in creative activities for a few days, participants reported feeling happier and more content.
increased social interaction, a decline in

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