How to add more adventure to your life

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How to add more adventure to your life

Are you thinking of how to add more adventure to your life? or are you thinking of exciting ways to spend time with your loved ones?

You are not alone. In fact, we didn’t even used to camp! Our trips always focused on a property in United Kingdom for the first seven years of our marriage.

We have been visiting new adventure locations to hike, climb, ski, cycle, surf, and more for the past six years. But we didn’t always live an adventurous life.

You might not feel the need to start thinking or planning on how to add more adventure to your life but trust me it is worth a try. For me I started thinking of how to add adventure to our life when our fourth kid was born. I have love Adventure ever since that time.

Interestingly, you don’t have to give up your daily routine and comforts in order to live an exciting life. Without having to downsize or relocate into an RV as we did in 2015, I’m presenting 10 ways how to add more adventure to your life but before then we need to know

What is an Adventure?

The definition of adventure depends heavily on what we desire and the fears we must face in order to fulfill them. What I find exciting may not be what you find exciting.

Adventure, in the words of the Oxford Learner’s Dictionary, is “an unusual, exciting or dangerous experience, journey or series of events.”

Adventure may only be one word, it might imply many things to different people. It particularly brings memory of a particular exploit who experienced it.

But so much of what is potential is missed in that formulation.

Perhaps it’s summoning the confidence to approach that special someone or making an introduction in a new setting.

What about considering your favorite role-playing game? What do you like about it?

Is it a time you and your closest buddy went on an unexpected road trip to new places?

To some, adventure need not include any travel at all, nor do it have to involve wilderness expeditions.

or you were leveling up a new talent?

O perhaps does it bring a time when you broke into the VIP section at a private party?

is it the satisfaction felt after finishing a mission?

Is it the quests to compete against a particular team?

Or the exhilaration of facing a difficult employer and experiencing a sense of success when you do?

For some people, adventure is really about facing our personal anxieties and attempting something new.

For others is exploring the outdoors, including the sensation of skinned knees and the aroma of redwood trees, is what adventure means to me.

Regardless matter what adventure means to you, we can all agree that it exhilarates us by pushing us beyond our comfort zone . It tests us whether it’s a tiny, every day adventure or a significant, once-in-a-lifetime chance.

What Makes Us Seek Adventure?

How to add more adventure to your life

Adventures offer us a purpose and an aim. These real-life journeys force us out of our comfort zones and inspire us to attain new objectives and broaden our perspectives, whether it’s climbing that mountain, finding buried mysteries, or finishing your manuscript. However, stepping outside of our comfort zone may be terrifying but adventures are healthy for us.

Why would it be encouraged to put oneself in potentially hazardous situations?

According to research, leading an adventurous life such as spending the night on a hill, swim in a lake, river, or skydiving, SCUBA diving siting motionless in a forest, and traveling stimulates the same brain areas as receiving rewards. You can have this “high” every day if you do the following. It is this “high” that encourages us to try new things, even when they are frightening.

A true adventure involves taking risks and exploring the unknown. There is a sense of approaching risk that forces us to confront our concerns and conquer obstacles. But most people truly enjoy feeling afraid. We feel more alive and our adrenaline levels are up as a result.

Living an adventurous life entails having many novel experiences. These encounters are recognized to elevate our moods on a scientific level.

But most of these adventurous life are possible based on the location you reside in, the season, and the reason you want to change your life are additional factors. For instance, perhaps you’d want to engage in some interesting, engaging workout or need some mental space away from your phone.

Perhaps you want to save money, get ready for a greater excursion, spend more time with loved ones, or explore (or rediscover) new areas.

When thinking on how to add more adventure to your life, it is crucial to keep your requirements as low as possible, no matter what. That entails picking affordable, quick to plan, nearby, and short enough to fit into daily life activities.

Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re aiming to become more adventurous because these recollections serve as the foundation on how to add more adventure to your life and how our estimation of the passage of time.

Our brains operate automatically when we are performing routine tasks, which may allow them to process less specific new memories. When we reflect, it seems like time has flown by since our memories are fundamentally hazy.

What terrifies you? What brings you life? The seeds for finding your own sense of adventure are here.

Twelve tips on how to add more adventure to your life

How to add more adventure to your life

Making access barriers as low as feasible is crucial regardless of the situation. That entails picking affordable, quick to plan, nearby, and short enough to fit into daily life activities. Here are a few things to keep in mind if you’re thinking of how to add more adventure to your life.

Spend time with those with similar interest

Find people who are interested in similar things will help you to think of tips on how to add more adventure to your life. These shared enjoyment tend to attract each other and life enthusiasm spreads easily.

You’ll hardly ever feel alone if you can locate a group of individuals that like the same kinds of adventures that you do. Search for organizations online, then evaluate their compatibility. For instance, if you enjoy computer animation, you might be able to discover a nearby animation film festival and volunteer there.

Along with meeting others who are interested in animation, attending a film festival gives you the opportunity to learn more about that industry.

Look at noticeboards in public spaces or at schools. There are organizations that meet regularly and are continuously recruiting new members you can venture into one

Mind you, you won’t find adventure when lounging in your living room by yourself. Spend time with those that inspire you. The people you interact with is by far, the most crucial element. “The wrong group of people can make the best experience miserable, and the right group of people can make a terrible experience fun.”

Spend less on accessories

Most times what discourages people on thinking on how to add more adventure to your life is money. You don’t need much to go on an adventure.

What you really need might include a water bottle, a headlamp, your bag, and your standard outdoor attire are all you need to get started. You will require a sleeping bag, bivy bag, and sleeping pad if you plan to camp out. You’ll need your swimwear if you want to take part in some savage swimming. (Or maybe not.)

Release the things that are limiting you.

Having inhibitions prevents you from acting naturally and comfortably since they make you feel self-conscious. It’s possible that you’re timid, inexperienced, or afraid. You need to feel secure in yourself, your environment, and the people in your life in order to let go of whatever is holding you back.

Think about your motivations for seeking adventure. What do you anticipate getting from it? Would you like to be as open-minded as possible? In such case, you are right.

Try envisioning yourself on a desert island where no one else’s opinion matters if you’re unsure of what you want. What would you then desire?
You must also conquer mental obstacles in order to overcome physical ones.

For instance, training for climbing a mountain will test your physical stamina and demonstrate how intellectually and physically strong you are.

Do you believe you have a point to make? Are you an attention-starved person? Why are you looking for excitement? Do you believe it will boost your confidence? Do you only wish to enjoy yourself more?
Answering these questions will help you create a plan of action, so take your time.

Remember that you should only alter yourself for your benefit. Don’t allow others’ ideals and expectations influence how you conduct your life.

Explore new locations.

In fact, your brain behaves differently in an unusual setting. Our minds are compelled by novelty. Our brains react favorably when something new occurs because we want to understand and investigate it; this feeds our want to be outside.

Get the Right Timing Mentality

How do you balance adventure with the demands of a nine to five job? Fit it within the five-to-nine, that’s all. That’s the 16 hours of prospective free time each day that we all frequently underappreciate and waste. You can leave work at 5 o’clock, leave the city. Doze off on a hill. Obtain an early start. Return to your workstation by 9:00 a.m. It’s straightforward, yet you’ll recall it in a year.

Super-Short Trips Can Be Well Worth

We frequently like the concept of leading more adventurous lives and wish we might somehow achieve this goal. Though the concept is wonderful, putting it into action can be difficult. I love to go wild swimming and dive into lakes, rivers, and the ocean whenever I have the chance. However, the water is chilly at this time of year, making the idea of diving in unsettling.

The initial move inside is shocking. But when a few more seconds have passed, I dive in. Doing it myself! Whooping! Delighted! This is frequently the conclusion of the surgery during this time of year. I jump out of the water with a smile on my face and rapidly dress and get warm.

Try new things.

Trying new activities especially whatever you have imagined might increase our satisfaction and give us the impression that our lives are going on for longer. Though it may sound like science fiction, leading an adventurous life truly alters how we view time.

Do you intend to begin rock climbing? Find someone who can show you the ropes by asking around even if something turns out to not be for you, you’ll still make a new friend and have a humorous tale to tell about how awkward you were. Best case scenario: A year later, you find yourself traveling across the nation to climb all of the country’s biggest mountains.

Decide to explore.

Traveling the world doesn’t need you to leave your house or quit your career; in fact, even a little frequent departure from your home base will open up a steady stream of new opportunities.

Once a month, drive halfway to meet a buddy somewhere in the middle, go on a walk you’ve never been on, or take the train to a stylish hotel in a nearby town. In the meanwhile, establish a travel budget that will enable you to visit one dream location each year.

Take Breaks When You Can.

Email and social media started clamoring for our attention before work did. Shinrin-yoku (forest bathing) is a term that some clever government officials in Japan came up with to urge people to get healthy by taking walks in the forest. I adore the thought of taking a bath in a forest, free from the troubles of a stuffed inbox, and enjoying the sensation of being buried beneath the green (or gorgeous fall hues).

You will gradually learn to slow down, watch, listen, and be calmer if you put your phone away and take a stroll in the woods. What do I do when my professional life gets really busy? Shut down my computer and take a stroll across the forest. I never look back with regret. As soon as possible, get clothed and warm.

Stretch yourself physically but know your limit.

Our bodies too need to be challenged, just like our minds. Every time you try a new, difficult thing, your adrenaline rushes. Depending on how you interpret fear, the adventure might be light or wild. The goal is to stretch your physical limits and feel a bit uncomfortable, whether you do something uncomfortable like skydive, camp out under the stars, or get messy in a mud race.

You can go for a stroll on a familiar route at night, such as your morning run, the path you take to walk your dog, or a beloved trail outside of town. The familiar turns strange. A mile becomes a far distance. Turn off your headlamp when you feel brave enough to do so.

I enjoy letting the moonlight adjust to my eyes and focusing on various sensations. You catch a whiff of the fields’ aromas. I once heard a rabbit sprint by me and into the bushes. Never before have I focused so intently. You must stretch outside your comfort zone. Because until you learn from the experience, a journey may not truly an adventure.

While pushing an emotional threshold may include appearing extroverted if you’re an introvert, pushing a physical boundary might entail taking up a new sport. The goal is to push over the limits that we have either set for ourselves or have followed unconsciously in order to accept society’s advice.

You can also try to search for anything that can challenge or terrify you this month. The answer could be to sign up for a longer event than you have in the past, whether it is going camping for the first time or taking a chilly plunge. One of the most crucial components of adventures is the ability to observe things from new perspectives.

Remember to know your limitations.There are several ways to seek adventure, but none of them should leave you in a vulnerable or compromised situation. Encourage yourself to take risks, but always rely on your gut feeling.

According to Levy, “most people try to push their experiences far beyond the point of enjoyment.” Knowing when to quit can be the key to certain experiences. And that can be difficult. “Honestly, I think that’s something that entrepreneurs really struggle with, and I’m no exception.”Without a desire to stretch and endure discomfort, starting a business is difficult.

Jon Levy, HUMAN BEHAVIOR SCIENTIST, AUTHOR Levy founded a company with the goal of using online dating techniques to streamline the college admissions process.

Don’t prepare for it.

Many of us make the error of embarking on any experience, be it a night out on the town, a first date, or a trip that will be, wait for it, legendary. Expectations completely ruin the buzz. The next time you go out with friends or go on a trip, forget about the pressure to have “so much fun,” and just take in the surroundings and the people you’re with.

Never be reluctant to consult an expert

A common issue with adventure is that beginners may feel intimidated by the knowledge, physical prowess, and elite nature of it all. The reverse is true for adventures. All are welcomed.

And here’s the thing: if you get up the courage to start, approach a professional and declare that you are new but interested, you will always discover that they are only too glad to assist you get started. I’ve never climbed before, I’m completely unfit, I’m terribly afraid of heights, and I can’t do a single pull-up. Please contact my nearest climbing wall using Google.

Ensure you replicate the procedure. Cross a border, meet new people, and take advantage of the opportunity for experience that presents itself.

Ready To do something more adventurous ?

We will always have a place in our hearts for great explorers like McGyver.

We can all take charge of our lives and lead adventurous lives, even if the bulk of us will never experience anything near to the misadventures they did!

Comment below and share some of the ways you live an adventurous life.

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What has been your most daring experience? Please tell me in the comments area.

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