How To Know If Your Partner Is Holding You Back

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How To Know If Your Partner Is Holding You Back

Every relationship should bring enjoyment and friendship, but sadly, sometimes they end up being a fruitless exercise. In how to know if your partner is holding you back, it will give you an incite on what to do if things does not work as planned in your relationship.

You could think you’ve found the perfect companion, but sooner or later you start to wonder if they’re really worth the significant investment that you’ve made in them. Recognizing that your spouse is consuming your time can be quite difficult, especially if you have invested a lot of time and emotion in the relationship.

However, it is essential to spot the obvious indications and decide when it’s time to go on. In this post, we’ll discuss several tried-and-true methods for determining whether a partner is only wasting your time in a relationship.

1. Their behavior Doesn’t Match Their Words

Let’s speak about the first red sign on how to know if your partner is holding you back . You may be thinking, “Oh yeah, I know that,” yet we frequently choose to disregard it.

Watch out for instances where someone’s words and behavior don’t line up.

There is no evidence to support someone’s claim that they care about you when they say, “I love you,” or “I care about you,” but you don’t feel it. Another example is when someone declares, “Yeah, I respect you,” but then makes fun of you in front of their buddies.

Even if they claim to be love movies on their date to a cinema, they may start watching football on their phones when you take them out to on a date. Then they have a justification for watching football.

You’ll eventually see that there is a huge difference between what this individual says and what they do.

2. You are always putting more effort and chasing them

 If someone does not make an effort often or is uncaring in the relationship, it may be another sign you will see on how to know if your partner is holding you back and are not entirely involved.

You see that the energy doesn’t return whether you phone them or text them. That’s a massive red flag that this individual is either not really into you or wants to be pursued. Additionally, it might be that they haven’t decided whether or not they’re ready to commit or what they want in a relationship. We must be aware of and consider how much effort we are making. And how much of our energy is coming back? How long do I intend to do this for?

Therefore, pursuing your partner or your spouse in a circumstance where you are chasing them may be another sign you will see on how to know if your partner is holding you back and are not entirely involved. This will show the relationship is unbalanced and that you are wasting your time.

If your relationship is one-sided, you are the relationship’s captain. You’re not so confident that this person would genuinely contact you back if you didn’t call them, make arrangements, or take control of this connection. Therefore, it is less important that the individual appreciates being chased, which occurs in relationships, as that is a matter of power and control. The person who feels most powerful in a relationship is the one who is being pursued.

You constantly give and set the dates; you are the giver. When it comes to moving things along and keeping them afloat, you are the one doing both while the person you are with says, “Eh, I’m not sure.” I believe he may accept it or reject it.

Your time is being wasted.

3. Different relationship Objectives & Values

The fact that you two have completely different relationship objectives and ideals is another indication you will see on how to know if your partner is holding you back and is wasting your time.

Why do I say that?

It’s important to be sincere with oneself. And a lot of people have trouble identifying their goals and embracing them.

What ultimately happens is that you accept what occurs. Your mind then proceeds to explain all of these actions by using a backward reasoning process while blind to the fact that you may have diverse objectives and moral principles.

You’re disregarding the reality that your spouse wants to live in a hut up in the mountains while you want to raise a few kids in the city. You fail to see that he is not eager to wed, despite the fact that you are. You wish to become more settled. You want that wonderful relationship to happen. You want to be able to connect with someone and just grow your affection for them.

And unlike your partner, you believe in marriage. You keep hoping that this individual, who has never been in a committed relationship, would change.

You’re wasting your time if you’re in a relationship with someone and you ignore the reality that you have completely different relationship goals and ideals.

Don’t waste your time talking to the folks holding these signs! Don’t spend your time on someone who isn’t in it for the long run since every breath you take is valuable.

4. Refuse To Discuss Future Plans Together

A good partnership entails two people who are eager to create the future which in most cases is the main objective.  So, if you’re thinking that way (congrats! ), you’ll probably express it at some point, either through elaborate arrangements (like a wedding) or genuine where-are-we-going dialogues.

It’s obvious that your spouse isn’t committed to the relationship if they refuse to discuss the future or act dismissively when you bring it up. They can offer you evasive responses or claim that they are not yet prepared to consider the future. Whatever their response is, it’s a hint on how to know if your partner is holding you back and they aren’t interested in establishing a long-term relationship with you and are wasting your time.

Again, no problem at all. However, it’s reasonable to conclude that things are one-sided, at least for the time being, if you constantly find yourself wishing to have those conversations or be their date for that future wedding.

5. Lack of Support

In any relationship, having a supporting partner is necessary. When you need them, they should be there for you. They should also be a listening ear and a source of support and inspiration. Your partner’s lack of support and disregard for your wants and feelings is an obvious indication that they are not committed to the relationship.

For instance, you prepare them a special meal and purchase them a bottle of champagne to commemorate their first day on the job. However, on your first day, you receive nothing. Not even asking how your day went.  Although keeping score in a relationship is never appropriate, your spouse should be doing something similar or equal to what you did for them.

Like bringing you to your new workplace, asking how your day went, and buying you something you love that shows they have gone a bit further to demonstrate their genuine interest in your affairs.

In some instances, they could have been encouraging at first, but now they seem to wish to ruin your happiness. They could feel intimidated or envious. You are being encouraged to give up the things that bring you joy. But the truth about a long lasting relationship is the ability to support each other and always to keep your romance alive.

Your mental health can suffer greatly from a lack of support, thus it is not worthwhile to remain with a spouse who is unable to offer such care and consideration. This is one of the ways on how to know if your partner is holding you back.

6. He removes you from important life decisions

Is your partner looking to buy a house, move to a different location, or change jobs? Major life decisions like these and others are discussed beforehand by partners in good relationships. This could be a reg flag that tells you how to know if your partner is holding you back.

It’s helpful to have some idea of the future with the person you’re dating, even if you don’t really need to know how many children you’ll have or what home you’ll live in. Having a plan is necessary and your relationship is secure enough to support it,  but your spouse may be preventing you from moving forward if they don’t make any preparations. Planning for the future is crucial, and recognizing long-term objectives and ambitions is essential.

A partner who wants to be with you for the rest of his life will consult you before making significant choices. Not out of need, but rather out of a desire to be open and align your lives. To ensure that your connections may advance, he will do all in his power to include you in his future goals.

On the other hand, if your partner frequently takes significant life decisions alone, including relocating to a new location, moving to New York, or accepting a job offer in different continent. this is a hint on how to know if your partner is holding you back.

7. They constantly engage in a flirtation with others

If your lover constantly engages in sexual flirtation. It’s obvious that they are not devoted to the relationship whether it’s online or in person.

While your spouse may attempt to dismiss their flirting as harmless, it is actually an indication that they are unhappy in the relationship and are seeking attention from others. If your tour guide is constantly making out with other people, they are clearly wasting your time, and you deserve better.

It is clear that you are not a priority in their life if they repeatedly choose other activities or people over spending time with you. This is a sign that show how to know if your partner is holding you back.

8. Regular Cancellations of Dates

So you’re dating an individual, and you believe it’s going great, and perhaps even in the beginning when you’re trying to get to know this person, things are OK, but after a few months, you start to realize that this new person has a tendency to cancel on you at the last minute and has a harsh attitude.

This means they don’t demonstrate commitment or regard for your time when they repeatedly cancel arrangements or are unreliable.

Now, I don’t believe we should ignore everyone if they cancel out on their first or even second attempt. But if this individual repeatedly cancels at the last minute, I believe it’s a sign that you’re wasting your time.

Therefore, if someone repeatedly cancels on you over time despite them stating things like, “I care about you,” or “I’d like to participate in that event with you,” it’s a red flag that you could just be wasting your time.

9. Dating a Married person or an Individual in an Existing Relationship

Although it might seem apparent, dating a married person is a big red flag. This is a sign that your time is being wasted. Some people, though, could object and counter, “But my partner said that they are going to get divorced.” Well, I can’t even begin to tell you how many of the ladies I’ve mentored were partners with married people. These partners stayed with their spouses. The man or woman was committed as long as they had a man or woman who would drop everything the moment he r she phoned. The man or woman stayed around as long as they didn’t ask too many questions and as long as the husband or wife accepted what they said.

The longer you stay in a relationship with someone who might be wasting your time, the less time you have to find someone who is invested or who is prepared for a committed relationship, so you need to remember that every breath you take is a sweet breath if you’re worried about wasting your precious time.

Pay attention; don’t ignore it.

It’s a warning sign that shows how to know if your partner is holding you back. You could be wasting your time if you’re dating someone who is married or has a girlfriend if you’re in a relationship with them.

In conclusion,

Even if there is strong chemistry, a relationship won’t continue unless the two people involved share the fundamentals of life and love. And you could be wasting your time if your relationship isn’t working. In order for a relationship to last over time, it helps if the two individuals involved have similar views on what is and is not vital in life. This is not to imply that love cannot exist between people from different cultural or religious backgrounds.

If your spouse isn’t making your life happier or more fulfilling, it’s time to find someone else because you deserve someone who will put their time and effort into the relationship and prioritize your happiness and well-being.

Remember that these indications are not absolute proof, but if you observe several of them often, it’s critical to assess whether the connection is healthy and fulfilling your requirements. Addressing these issues and deciding the best course of action for your wellbeing need open discourse and communication.


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