Tips For Couples And Sex

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Tips For Couples And Sex

tips for couples and sex, just because you chose to have sex with the same person for the rest of your life doesn’t mean it has to be boring.

Since there is nothing improper about sex itself, it is amusing when individuals inquire about sex advice for couples.

When the honeymoon period is well in the past, everything appears wonderful at first, but your sex life stalls. It’s important for you to realize that it’s not permanent.

There’s always more to learn, even if you’ve been in a committed relationship for a while and believe you already know all there is to know about having great sex!

For this reason, we’re offering  you 10 of the sexiest couple’s techniques.

1. Make your goals clear.

In tips for couples and sex, everything depends on communication. It’s how a couple develops as a unit, works out disagreements, and gets to know one another better.

Good communication is essential for increasing both the amount AND quality of your sex. It’s crucial to express your relationship’s demands in general since effective communication fosters trust and sustains relationships. However, it is equally crucial to let your spouse know what you require in terms of sexual activity. Direct your spouse on how to do it correctly if they aren’t doing it precisely as you want.

According to research, sexual interaction is favorably connected with both sexual satisfaction and relationships.

Your relationship will be happier if you and your partner can talk about getting filthy together more easily.

Talking before and after sex is one of the best methods to have better sex. It will convey to your spouse both your desires and how wonderful the experience was.

Even though it could appear awkward or even like you might harm their feelings, ultimately they are only attempting to win your favor, so please assist them! And if your spouse offers you instructions, thank them for their open and honest communication and follow their instructions.

2. Play your role

A fantastic method to improve your sex life is to engage in some roleplay in the bedroom.

Feel the warmth enveloping you between the covers as you indulge your fantasy.

Roleplay may do wonders for you and can provide a breath of new air from your routine sex life. One of the finest sex advices for married couples who over the years forget how thrilling it is to make love is this.

You can play the part of the flirtatious babysitter, seductive secretary and boss, sultry elf, or powerful magician. Play out your fantasies in character!

3. Be bold and take charge.

In tips for couples and sex, it’s crucial to alternate who initiates sex. Feeling desired by your partner is a crucial component of sex, and initiating closeness and intercourse is one of the main ways to do this. It’s simple to get into habits where one spouse always initiates sex, but switching things up will make both partners feel more attractive sexually. Changing up who initiates and initiation patterns can inspire more imaginative sex and encourage people to explore new positions by altering the sex’s dynamic. Better sex as a couple may be fostered by stepping outside of your typical roles and comfort zones (in a consenting way!).

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4. Play one or more erotic games

You have a wide range of options because there are so many games available. If any of the initial ones you encounter turn you off, don’t worry.

Start with the topics that excite you without becoming too overwhelming. You’ll eventually be prepared to try out new games and maintain the excitement.

Purchase some sex dice, engage in a game of truth or dare or strip poker, or confine your flirting to TV commercial breaks. These activities are a lot of fun and increase sexual anticipation. When it comes to loved couples having sex, this might be incredibly thrilling.

5. Toys use

Tips For Couples And Sex

In tips for couples and sex, the usage of toys is one of the greatest sex advice for married couples and a secure approach to inject some vitality into marital life.

Even if you don’t purchase anything, going to a sex shop with a friend may be entertaining. Even just taking a closer look at the things will excite you.

Toys like vibrators and dildos may sometimes go a long way toward increasing sexual excitement and pleasure. Consider using a toy on yourself as a first step before introducing more toys into your sex life (perhaps in the context of a mutual masturbation’s scenario).

It’s crucial to be frank with your partner when introducing toys to your sex life. And despite how uncomfortable it may occasionally seem (after all, not every relationship discusses this sort of thing), remember that your spouse wants to do everything they can to make sex wonderful for you. Let them, then! Inform them of the proper course of action.

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6. Make it a habit to try out new positions.

In tips for couples and sex, make a commitment to attempting one new position each month. Make a commitment to one another and discipline one another. And keep in mind the sex advise to conduct study if you run out of ideas. Just watch yourself not to get injured by a few Camasutra spelling mistakes.

Check out the Kama Sutra, as corny and overdone as it may seem! The Kama Sutra offers a variety of sex positions together with clear, practical directions and illustrations to assist you and your partner in figuring it out. Embrace the idea that variety makes life more interesting in your sexual life!

There are lots of other sources to go to for inspiration if the Kama Sutra isn’t your thing. Couples that watch porn together often acquire fresh ideas for the bedroom and learn more about what makes their lover tick. You may also try reading erotica together for a short while if you find porn to be too explicit or visually exciting.

7. Prioritize foreplay

In tips for couples and sex, having fun during foreplay is enjoyable whether you are “providing” or “getting” pleasure. It’s a method to make your sex more intimate by include caressing, kissing, and all the other fun stuff. Sex may become more fun with foreplay. Sex doesn’t always have to be pure passion; good sex may also result from including teasing and other similar activities in your foreplay. Draw it out as long as you can while being imaginative, and then consider the sex to be the icing on the cake.

Don’t undervalue its strength. Don’t consider it as something that must result in sexual activity. Consider valuing it and incorporating it throughout every sexual encounter.

8. Dirty talk

In tips for couples and sex, it is advised not to be hesitant to engage in the occasional nasty conversation. Roleplaying or acting a bit crudely on one another is a terrific way to feel sexy and fulfill fantasies.

Dirty talk is about embracing your freedom. It doesn’t need to be any dirtier than what you find acceptable. You don’t even need to do what you say. It can only be based on imagination.

Consider what you would want to hear and add it as well.

Setting clear guidelines for unacceptable language is one of the most vital sex advice for couples.

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9. Masturbation between each other

Let’s be honest. You frequently know how to accomplish things the finest. Whether or whether you are in an intimate relationship, it is a healthy practice to maintain. Masturbation boosts endorphin levels and offers the sexual and emotional release needed to live a fulfilling life. Additionally, it enables you to become more aware of your body, which is crucial when expressing to your spouse your sexual demands.

And while masturbating alone is fantastic, it may also be entertaining to masturbate with or even in front of your lover. By include masturbation in your foreplay, you may actively arouse yourself (remember how we discussed playing your part? ), as well as demonstrate to your spouse exactly what you want and how you enjoy it. Many people may find this to be too exposed, but if you simply go for it, it will definitely pay off if you do!

10. Compliment one another

Who doesn’t enjoy hearing compliments on their occasionally spectacular sex moves?

Tell your lover the next time they do something you can’t get enough of! This will not only enhance their ego but also reveal to them your top sexual triggers.

A few kind words may go a long way! Who among us doesn’t occasionally have body insecurities?

Due to false social media representations, we have developed these completely irrational ideals for what a woman or man should look like. This has an impact on people’s sexuality beyond what they can comprehend.


Couples have their best sexual experiences when they are both evenly engaged. Cliché.  The quality of sex between a married couple is greatly influenced by both partners

If your relationship has lost the chemistry it had when you first started dating, don’t think it’s all your partner’s fault.

You need to talk openly and honestly with your spouse about your sex life and use some of the sex tips for couples mentioned above if you want to rekindle the passion you once had with your partner.

Hope this article tips for couples and sex, was helpful to you.

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