Unique Wedding Vows Examples

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Unique Wedding Vows Examples

Unique wedding vows examples are commitments made by each member of a couple to the other during the traditional Christian wedding ceremony. They are not universal to marriage and are not required in the majority of legal systems. Even within Christian marriage, they are not universal because traditional wedding rites practiced by Eastern Christians do not include marriage vows.

Unique wedding vows examples are a very important—and intimate—part of a wedding ceremony. They offer the legal and informal contractual framework that will direct the newlyweds in their shared existence and set the tone for what is to come. Some couples like to read stirring, age-old wedding vows from a wide range of faiths and civilizations, despite the fact that there are many inventive variants of the lifetime commitments. These time-tested phrases lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of harmony and marital joy.

Most modern wedding ceremonies include the traditional wedding vows on a regular basis.

Three components make up the marital vows in a normal modern wedding: a brief speech by the person marrying the couple; personal vows selected by the couple.

In all three situations, the couple’s personal ideas and feelings toward one another are usually reflected in their marriage vows.

Writing your own vows, be it traditional marriage vows or non-traditional wedding vows, is never easy, and couples wondering how to write wedding vows often try to search for Unique wedding vows examples. 

Christian couples who marry often choose to have Bible verses included in some part of their Christian wedding vows. The verses chosen—like any marriage vow—will vary depending on the couple themselves.

Let’s take a closer look at what the Bible says about marriage and reflect on some Bible verses about love and marriage.

1. Christian Wedding Vows

The marital vows are made in front of God, your family, and your friends. You will also make “Declarations,” which affirm that you will always love and care for one other in a way that pleases God, in addition to your vows.

When you give each other the rings as a sign of undying love, it symbolizes the lifetime commitment of these pledges and declarations. At that point in the ceremony, you can sign the official marriage documents because the marriage is now complete.

You turn to each other after the vows are said, grab each other’s right hand, and say:

“I (name) take you (name)

to be my wife/husband,

to have and keep from this day forward;

for better, for worse,

For better or worse,

in health or in sickness,

to love and cherish,

until death do us part.

In accordance with the sacred commandment of God,
I make this promise in front of God.

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2. Civil Wedding Vows

In Unique wedding vows examples while couples are free to add additional clauses, the Marriage Act of 1949 mandates that all civil marriages in England and Wales and marriages performed by authorized persons (including religious unions not performed by the Anglican church, the Jewish community, or the Society of Friends (Quakers)) contain the following declaration and contracting words:

I thus solemnly declare that there is no legal reason why I cannot be united in matrimony with .

I ask the witnesses in this room to attest that I do consider you  to be my legally married wife or husband.

An alternative declaration of either was permitted by the Marriage Ceremony (Prescribed Words) Act of 1996.

I certify that there is no legal justification that I _ cannot be married to .

Registrar/Minister: Are you able to legally marry someone?
Person: I am.

and a different choice for the contractions of:

I ____consider you to be my legally wedded wife or husband.

3. Buddhist Wedding Vows

Buddhist Unique wedding vows examples are distinctive in that they don’t have to be said aloud. While spoken vows are undoubtedly a possibility for soon-to-be spouses, Buddhist wedding ceremonies do not need them.

Buddhist wedding vows illustration

“We fully commit to each other today in body, voice, and thought. We make a commitment to strive tirelessly to support one another perfectly throughout this life, regardless of the circumstances, including wealth or poverty, health or illness, happiness or difficulty. We pledge to strive together in our relationship to achieve enlightenment by constantly working to improve our love and compassion for all sentient beings.”

4. Muslim Wedding Vows

Muslim couples typically hear the imam (cleric) speak during the nikah, or marriage ceremony, rather than reciting vows. The imam discusses the significance of marriage and the couple’s obligations to one another and to Allah. The ceremony concludes with the couple consenting to their union, following which the congregation blesses them. However, some Muslim couples today choose to make vows that are based on the ones presented here.

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Muslim wedding vow illustration

Bride: “In accordance with the directives of the Holy Quran and the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, I, _, offer you my hand in marriage. I promise to be an obedient and devoted wife for you, honestly and sincerely.”

Groom: “I promise to be a devoted and supportive husband to you, with honesty and sincerity.”

5. Hindu Wedding Vows

The couple takes seven steps, or saptapadi, around a sacred fire called an agni during a traditional Hindu wedding ceremony before exchanging vows. At each of the seven steps, the couple promises to be there for one another. These seven procedures work in conjunction with other Hindu wedding ceremonies to unite the couple in marital matrimony.

“Let’s start by offering a pure and nourishing diet to our family and avoiding things that are bad for a healthy lifestyle.

“Let’s take the next step in strengthening our physical, mental, and spiritual abilities.

“In order to build our riches through moral means and appropriate use, let’s go on to step three.

“Let’s move on to step four so that we might gain wisdom, joy, and peace via shared love and trust.

“To ensure that our progeny are strong, honorable, and brave, let’s finish the fifth stage.

“For longevity and self-control, lets take the sixth step.

“Let’s take the seventh step now and resolve to continue being sincere friends and lifelong partners through this union”.


A wedding is a chance to simultaneously celebrate your new life and your ancestry. In a similar spirit, including customary wedding vows from your religion or culture is an excellent approach to accomplish this. On their wedding day, many soon-to-be newlyweds decide to uphold their religion.

Together with your wedding officiant, create a ceremony that wonderfully reflects your union and includes marriage vows that honor your heritage as you prepare your nuptials.

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